21.50 - 纽卡斯尔1-1阿森纳。从它的男孩子一个相当平庸的表现可说的,但如果我们是低于标准杆要发挥在任何即将推出的游戏,我很高兴这是这一个。从埃杜一个很好的目标,谁在我们大多数人得到了一直在哭出来我们的前锋是所有季节。洛朗罗伯特,和纽卡斯尔均衡器也有极少数。有些奄奄一息保卫和woodword保持它每一个。锯Stepanovs以来的埃弗顿的比赛中第一次玩。他提高了,但他还是放了妈我每次他上场球的附近。


Not the ideal result coz that means another game in an already congested fixture list, but, we’re still in there. I hope we win the FA cup this season for Dennis. Some post match reaction这里.

16.50 - 这场战斗AW和弗格森之间hotting起来。温格在本周他认为弗格森的弱点是问。他回答说:“......他认为他没有一个”。弗格森打回,并抱怨说,温格不会与他喝,或其他任何人,一场比赛之后。更多在这个Onefootball article.预计这来回走,直到赛季结束。我自己最喜欢的是当弗格森说,他在事发道歉温格,当问他是否收到,AW回答“他一定是骑马已将它,因为我还没有得到它呢。”


Anelka played very well for Liverpool the other night. He’s a quality player, he really is. He’s just fucked up in the head. Maybe he’ll settle on the sunny banks of the Mersey, but given his past form he’ll be itching for another move in 18 months.. I’d love to see him playing up front with Henry at Arsenal. We’d win everything and this is how. When we build the new stadium, we build a pitch 50 yards longer than any other pitch in the league – draw the opposition to the half way line, someone in midfield punts it over the top and the two speed hounds latch onto it and score. We’d win games 14-2 and stuff. Imagine Gerry Taggart or Laurent Blanc trying to keep up.

Still no word about Peter Brackley’s alleged legs.


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