20.18 - 就在后面,找出维埃拉已经被英足总清除。我想这弥补了强加给亨利量刑过重。维杜卡和阿兰·史密斯已于今日也被清除不当行为的,所以我猜别人的东西滑倒在兰开斯特门茶。

我发了封邮件给ITV足球昨晚问彼得·布莱克利的腿。我还没有收到任何答复的呢。令人震惊的客户服务真的 - 难怪ITV数字就是去下。嘿嘿。将再次尝试。

Villa coming up on Sunday. I really hope we stick a hatful past thathateful, red nosed pig farmer


09.20 – Patrick Vieira’s hearing for his elbow on Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink is due to take place today. He’s probably going to get a ban of 3 games, given his past disciplinary problems. Maybe, and I stress maybe, it’ll be a blessing in disguise. He looked tired against Deportivo and was more than a touch culpable for their first goal.

Apart from a few games recently, when he has been at his imperious best, he’s been a shadow of the player he was last season. Too many distractions? World cup, the captaincy, house hunting in Madrid – are these things affecting his performances? If you asked me now if he is going to stay with Arsenal, I’d have to say no. He’s spent nearly 6 years at Highbury, and if he wants to go and try something new, who can blame him? Let’s just hope it’s all done in the best possible taste (©k.everett) and we don’t have to go through the bullshit of last summer. A nice chunk of Madrid’s cash will bring in Van Bommell and one other. I’ve heard whispers that we’re after ex-Juventus defender Marco Zanchi – he plays for Verona in Serie A now.

与此同时,在ANR, Myles Palmer asks “Any Gooners like comedy clubs?”. No Myles, we all hate Tottenham.