For some clubs, prizes at the end of the season are the measure of success, and that’s certainly true for Arsenal, but a great tackle, a clearance off the line, a winning goal, or just winning a game against your local rival are things that ought to be cherished. It doesn’t mean we can’t look at everything else, it doesn’t mean we should ignore issues and problems, but if you can’t allow yourself to be happy in the wake of a win like Saturday’s then I don’t know why you would even bother with football at all.

Also, leaving aside the fact it’s always glorious to beat that lot, it was a win which was very important in general, as everyone else around us picked up three points this weekend. We remain in sixth, level on points with Burnley – who we play next weekend – and Liverpool, but now the gap on Sp*rs is just a single point.


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Meanwhile, from Germany comes very interesting news about the possible recruitment of Borussia Dortmund’s head of scouting, Sven Mislintat.看来,它基本上是一个木已成舟,他受到了新的挑战和增进健康,以他现在的薪水吸引到伦敦。阿森纳将不得不支付德甲侧类似的赔偿€150万欧元。

From everything I’ve heard and read – and there’s a在ESPN的他非常有趣的个人资料– this could be a game changing appointment for the club. There’s no question that the scouting department is one which is badly in need of an overhaul, both in terms of personnel and thinking.

It would be kind to say that things have been stale for a little while, and when you look at the track record Mislintat has had at Dortmund – in terms of the players he’s recruited and the other contributions he’s made to the club – this is a really positive move for us. I know there’s been a lot of talk about revamps and back-office recruitment without much happening, but it seems like this is going ahead and that is a good thing.


A ‘Football Executive’ can work with the manager while allowing him to retain the power he wants when it comes to the final say on transfers etc. When Wenger does go, it should be relatively straightforward then to transition to pick up the responsibilities that a modern Director of Football is expected to have. Anyway, let’s keep fingers crossed that we don’t just keep hearing names and that people are appointed soon.





It doesn’t mean I deserve to be abused about anything other than the piece of writing, but let’s not pretend we don’t all know how it works. And ultimately, did it not do exactly what it was supposed to do? It was clickbait, it was exposed for clickbait, it then got more clicks, bloke picks up his pay cheque at the end of the week and his bosses are happy.

Also, while it’s never nice to see someone get piled-on (well, sometimes it is because there people court that kind of interaction or their behaviour demands it), perhaps it might make people consider how they express themselves or think about what they write. The abuse is not the fault of Arsenal, it’s societal and that’s a problem we all have to deal with, but don’t cry about getting stung when you’ve been standing under a wasps nest throwing stones at it.


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  1. 供应那些每日邮报卑鄙小人吧!这就是你什么张贴clickbait的网站上的垃圾。快进到曼联的比赛,我不会在最不感到惊讶,如果每日邮报选择曼联和阿森纳与Lingard和斯莫林的组合十一提前比如说有人喜欢厄齐尔和Koscieny的。


  2. Morning Blogs, nice to see your bowing at the feet of Mustafi yesterday who I think you have been a little harsh with. Agree too that there’s no need to talk about Saturday’s game being the “blueprint” for future performances. For the Arsecast, I would like to hear the two of you fine gents talk a little about why you think it is that we can put in a performance like we did on Saturday but then go to Turf Moor this week where it will be windy and the opposition fans feisty, and get rolled 2-1 as I hereby predict will happen. Obviously feel free to ignore my Nostradamus qualities and just discuss the general “up for it / not up for it” question anyway


  3. 有说滥用反正任何确认?我的意思是,每日农声称,没有证据表明他得到了这样的回答,我倾向于相信这一点。


  4. 事情在接下来的一个小时做。


  5. 这么累都在今天被创造单击诱饵媒体叙述的。证据是在布丁和顶部6看上去紧张,因为地狱12场比赛,但多少已叙述我们在这个第三赛季已经经历过?

  6. 是的,它总是好的,得到了​​马刺的胜利,但我不是读成它就像凯恩和阿里人受伤,并有最好的后卫WASN,T在球队,但它仍然是好的