因为我们得到了小狗我上午的例行发生了一点变化。She’s an early riser, as you’ll have gathered from pre-dawn blogs this summer, so I tend to get up, make coffee then sit down with my laptop and do the blog – oh, and the most important part, she gets a little snack and then she goes back for a bit of a snooze while I work.

This morning she’s off to the vets for a little thing, nothing too serious, but she has to have anesthetic so she has to fast and therefore she can’t have her snack. German Shepherds like routine, so she can’t understand where the snack is. Or, more precisely, why it isn’t in her belly by now.



在阿森纳的世界里,有没有成功都非常重要,但我们确实有欧洲联赛的这个星期。一个人谁也不会做旅行巴库是亨里希·姆希塔良谁,因为阿塞拜疆和他的祖国亚美尼亚共和国之间的政治紧张局势,has decided against going. He has the full support of the club in this decision, but it’s still a bit mad that he’s had to forego doing his job because of this situation.

I won’t pretend to know very much at all about the conflict between the two countries, but there is reportedly a ban on Armenian citizens from entering Azerbaijan, although that was probably something that could have been overcome with UEFA backing any visa application made by Arsenal. The player obviously feels it’s not worth the hassle for a game we should be able to win without him, but looking much further ahead the final takes place in Baku also, so if we were to get that far this is a scenario we’ll have to deal with again.

The fact we’re playing on Thursday evening that far away and then face a noon kick-off on Sunday suggests to me that Unai Emery is going to have to use the full depth of this squad for this one. Key men for Sunday’s encounter will more than likely sit this one out, because even having them on the bench means hours of travel which will be tiring in itself.

So, I reckon we should leave the likes of Bellerin, Monreal, Xhaka, Torreira, Ozil, Lacazette and Aubameyang in London, and fill out the bench with some youth players. One man who ordinarily might have been in that group which didn’t travel is Aaron Ramsey, but because of what’s gone on with his contract and all the rest, may well take part in this one.


He must be aware of how this system doesn’t even come close to getting the best out of him, despite his two assists last week against Everton. He had just 26 touches of the ball on Saturday, only the two keepers (both 26), the 63rd minute sub Alex Iwobi (25), and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (26), had fewer, and he completed just 16 of 19 passes. He won 2/2 tackles but was dispossessed four times, and if there was frustration on his part his inability to influence the game in any meaningful way was surely a factor too.

The reality now though is that the news of the contract withdrawal and thus his likely departure – whether that’s in January or the summer (I think it’ll be the latter unless something extraordinary comes along in the transfer window) – unquestionably marginalises him in the eyes of Emery who has to consider the best way to build his team.

他在赛季前谈到威尔士人是多么的重要,以他的计划,我们只能假定它是在这段时间,谈判正在进行,也许,所报告的协议被发现。His inclusion in the opening stages of the season where it’s felt like the new boss has kinda shoehorned both him and Ozil into the team goes some way to backing up what Emery said but now that the situation has taken such a sharp turn it must surely change the way the Spaniard is thinking.

The idea of leaving Ramsey out of the squad completely doesn’t make that much sense, there’s an element of cutting off your nose to spite your face because he is a very talented player and could still be very useful, but if you’re trying to build something fundamental, you don’t use someone as a building block if they’re going to leave the club in less than 10 months time. That might mean Ramsey as part of our Europa League team during the group stages, so we’ll have to see what Emery is thinking – and Thursday’s team selection will give us a better idea.

What I would say, and what I saidon the Arsecast Extra this week, is that Ramsey – even if he has decided to move on – does not deserve the kind of abuse I’ve seen leveled at him this week. As ever it’s the dickhead fringe of social media who really aren’t representative of anything apart from other dickheads, but this is a man who has been with us 10 years, always given 100% even if he hasn’t been available 100% of the time, come back from a horrendous injury, and scored two FA Cup final winners for us. He’s never agitated, never kicked-up and is, perhaps, one of the least offensive characters ever to play for the club, so if he decides to leave having fulfilled the terms of his contract, then he deserves a big thank you and plenty of respect. Not digital wankery from bollock-thumbed shit-trowels on Facebook and Twitter. And probably Instragram too, the dickheads.

Right, I guess it’s time for the vet. My heart. Catch you tomorrow for more, and we’ll have news throughout the day onbetway官网arseblog最新闻.