We’ll preview the Villa game tomorrow, so today we’ll do some Saturday snippets. Starting with:

Hector Bellerin and Kieran Tierney

Our flying full backs made their returns from injury in the U23s 2-2 draw with Wolves last night. Both of them played 62 minutes, and it’s great to see. Particularly in terms of Hector. I’m as excited as the next person about seeing Tierney in red and white, and I have really high hopes for him and what he’s going to bring to the team, but Bellerin’s been our boy for a few years now, and having suffered a ruptured ACL in January it’s been a long way back for him.

Look how happy he is!

We all have high hopes about what the team might look like with him and Tierney at full back – and also Rob Holding in the middle because his absence plus the calamitous performances from the current centre-halves means he’s not just better than Cannavaro at this point, he’s also better than Baresi, Adams, Beckenbauer and, well, Pele.

We’re gonna have to be a bit patient though because the recuperation, particularly for Hector, is going to have to managed carefully. He’s been out for almost 9 months, so ensuring he doesn’t pick up another injury while getting him back to full match fitness is always a serious consideration. However, this is significant step in the right direction and it’s great to see.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

像许多我担心他开始反对Frankfurt, but I could also see that Emery didn’t have a lot to work with in terms of his squad. Eddie Nketiah should have been our Europa League striker this season, but he’s banging them in for Leeds instead. He looks to have come through the game fine, no injury, and he got yet another goal, but the real evidence of how smart it was to start him – and play him for 90 minutes – will be on view tomorrow when we face Villa. He’s got to do it all again because we’re so reliant on him and his goals, but maybe Emery told him to push it this week with three fixtures, and then he’ll have a good rest before next weekend.

I also think there’s a bigger picture to consider with Aubameyang. He is an elite striker at the very top of his game, and while I’m not saying he’s slumming it in the Europa League (ok, I am), he’s at a point in his career where I don’t think he’ll want another outside the Champions League.Amy puts it perfectly in a piece for the Athletic (£):



If you try and think of Arsenal without Aubameyang right now, it’s a scary thought. He’s our most productive talent, and our chances of doing anything in any competition are almost zero without him. But we also need balance. It’s easy to become reliant on one player when they’re as good as he is, but Emery has to find a way to make the team effective so we get the best from Aubameyang and he helps bring out the best in others – while ensuring that we have Champions League football to give him next season.



Man of the moment Bukayo Saka has spokenabout how influential Freddie Ljungberg has been on him和他的职业生涯。两人合作since he was 15 – which sounds longer ago than it is because the young winger has barely just gone 18 – but it’s clear this group of Academy players has a real connection with their coach. His presence in the first team set up is easing them into life with the senior team, and those who have wondered about Emery’s communication skills won’t have missed this snippet:

It helps so much. Sometimes when I don’t understand when the coach is trying to communicate with me, I have a better communication with Freddie, he speaks better English.


I also have a feeling about Freddie, not because of how handsome he is (not entirely anyway), but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he held a more significant role in the not too distant future.


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