早上好,欢迎至周五。这是一个奇怪的静音集结到足总杯这个星期,但我在某些方面这是容易猜想。它’s been the most surreal season in living memory, and ahead of a game at an empty Wembley, with no fans in the stadium to share what should be one of the showpiece events of the football calendar, the fact there’s been so little focus on it seems just par for the course.

Mikel Arteta’s press conference was due to take place last night but was postponed until this morning due to ‘technical difficulties’. I don’t know whether someone had failed to renew the Arsenal Zoom subscription (pay for a year Stan, it works out cheaper!), or something else, but even that is another indication of how different this year is. Typically, there’s almost a full week of stuff, players are made available to the wider media – not just the ones who traditionally get privileged access week in, week out – and very little like that has happened.



Still, even though he played 11 games before the injury to the German, and Arsenal won 7 of those, few people would have considered him genuine competition for the established number 1. Since Leno’s enforced absence, he has come into the team and taken his chance in a way that you rarely see in football. We all try and find a positive when a player is injured, how it presents an opportunity for someone else, but generally speaking the pecking order remains the same and the injured player comes back as and when he’s fit again.

这是对EMI的巨大信用认为甚至还有谁应该继续在目标当你考虑如何好,如何的​​重要谈话,莱诺是在此之前,尼尔·莫帕推使他失去作用。我在该事件的直接后果记得,当人们担心预后会保留他9个月,有马丁内斯怎么可能能够填补这一缺口的小谈,但很多关于如何艰难的夏天在转会市场was now even more complicated because we’d have to buy a goalkeeper.

现在?我知道样本规模相对较小,但我在惠多了很多自信,比我以前一样。这也证明了他的表现水平,并为阿森纳严峻的现实是,他做了什么要求某种决定。I don’t want to be a downer in any way, but if we don’t have European football next season, can we afford not to cash in on one of the two keepers – players who would, each in their own way, generate a pretty significant transfer fee which could be reinvested. Also, after a taste of first team action, is the Argentine willing to sit back on the bench?


“My agent called me the other day and said: ‘How do you feel, what do you think about next season?’



He has insisted more than once that his desire is not to be a number 2 goalkeeper, and he feels that he has the talentto be number 1 at Arsenal。他已经显示出在过去的几个星期是,他绝对有什么需要是第一选择某处,不管是在这里还是没有,我怀疑会有几家具乐部在那里谁已经采取的他所做的说明和他是怎么做到的。

我也很喜欢他的态度,他的性格。它’s a weird thing being a second choice, or even third choice, goalkeeper. There are some players who are, despite what they say, content with that life. Playing some cup games, occasionally getting a run out in the league because of an injury or suspension, before quietly slipping back onto the bench where they stay for most of the season. I know someone has to do it, but in the ultra-competitive world of top-level sport, it’s a strange role to fill.

它’s clear that Emi Martinez wants more than that, and that’s something to be applauded. This spell has opened a door at Arsenal for him, perhaps demonstrated to staff that he’s more than they thought he was, but make no mistake, it will provide him opportunities elsewhere he would not have got before Leno’s injury. Let’s hope that he makes internal decisions even more difficult, and external coveting of him even greater, as part of a winning team tomorrow.

Tomorrow! It’s the cup final!

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