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尽管阿森纳球迷在推特上的演唱或什么last weekend, the club doesn’t actually own the FA Cup. Yet, given that that the Gunners have now won it 14 times, and 8 of these victories have occurred within the last 22 years, it’s no surprise that the love many fans have for the beautiful old silver pot runs deep.

Several of the club’s FA Cup wins have even been afforded their own moniker which most Arsenal fans will recognise instantly. In 1930, when Herbert Chapman’s men defeated Huddersfield 2-0 to land the club its first piece of major silverware, it quickly became dubbed the ‘Zeppelin Final,’ after the Graf Zeppelin hove into view during the second half at Wembley.

The 1979 showpiece was described as the “3 minute final” after Manchester United wiped out Arsenal’s 2-0 lead, only to see Alan Sunderland sweep home the Gunners’ winner immediately afterwards during a dramatic finale. And now, thanks to Pierre Emerick Aubameyang’s masterly finish on Saturday against Chelsea, the Gunners also prevailed in what will surely be labelled the ‘lockdown final’ in years to come.

虽然这是一个奇耻大辱,阿森纳球迷对那里看看吧,2020年的胜利是 - ,并希望保持 - 独一无二的。再加上其他的恒星瞬间像查理乔治的“万世巨星”的庆祝活动于1971年;精致的帕洛尔和永贝里在2002年完成;和拉姆塞结束在2014年9年奖杯干旱;很明显地看到,俱乐部已与世界上最著名的淘汰竞争的近乎神秘的关系。

Another key element is that – unlike our red top rivals Liverpool and Manchester United – our trophy cabinet does not contain any replica European Cups / Champions League trophies. Historically, Arsenal have under achieved in Europe, and in that sense, cannot quite be regarded as an elite club. Arsenal are also some way behind United and Liverpool when it comes to winning league titles. On three occasions, the Gunners have won the FA Cup to complete the domestic double, but often, winning the FA Cup is – realistically – where Arsenal are at.

这是拯救我们,有时一个安慰,our comfort blanket, a beautiful surprise on occasion, a reason to smirk at our trophyless neighbours down Seven Sisters Road – particularly in recent years – and it never fails to provide us with a warm glow when red and white or yellow ribbons are tied round the trophy’s ears in May (or August). It’s like Frasier and Niles always falling back on one another for company. Arsenal and the FA Cup ‘get’ each other. It’s a tradition.



但很多时候,温布利的胜利已经类似于一个玻璃天花板的俱乐部。正如成功的长期可能出现 - 或者至少是可能的 - 赢得足总杯实际上标志着一个时代的结束,或者被证明是一个虚假的黎明。以1971年为例。查理·乔治的起泡完成锯断比尔 - 香克利的利物浦之后,阿森纳登陆的第3个冠军奖杯,在短短一年多了,他问船长弗兰克·麦克林托克如果事情会是“这样的每一个季节。”经验丰富麦克林托克是精明足以建议年轻的查理,他品尝胜利,因为足球是不可预知的。因此,这证明。

Don Howe left the club that summer, and within 4 years Arsenal were embroiled in a relegation scrap. As for the 21 year old Charlie, it was the last thing he ever won in football. At the tail end of the ‘70s, after his side’s victory in the ‘3 minute final,’ Terry Neill said: “With the addition of the right players, I believe that the club can challenge for the league title.”

Yet the investment was never forthcoming, and within two years, Gunners stars Liam Brady and Frank Stapleton had departed to Juventus and Manchester United, with Brady commenting: “You have to speculate to accumulate in football….”

After the Gunners won the 2014 final, 9 months after the signature of Mesut Ozil and despite Ivan Gazidis’s pledge: “This club is geared up to compete for major trophies,” no league challenge was forthcoming, even if Arsenal should have taken advantage of all major rivals falling by the wayside in 2016.


There were clear signs during both the semi final and final that the team is far more of a cohesive unit than it was earlier in this elongated season. There is fighting spirit within the ranks. As evidenced by his cold shouldering of both Mesut Ozil and Matteo Guendouzi, Arteta is refusing to tolerate dissension and laxity within the ranks. Some might liken it to the Littlewoods Cup win over 1987, which gave George Graham the leverage required to move on some of the club’s more experienced personalities to make room for what turned out to be an outstanding crop of Academy players.

The arrival of the highly rated 19 year old defender William Saliba will hopefully further strengthen the defence over the next few years, and hopefully, during the short close season, the club will continue to address obvious shortcomings at the back and in midfield. Nevertheless, these are highly uncertain times for Arsenal.

Even before lockdown, Arteta’s summer war chest was predicted to be limited. With no matchday income for the foreseeable future, impending redundancies at the club, and rivals likely to back up their statements of intent with major signings, an upward trajectory for this Arsenal team is by no means guaranteed. Doubtless Arteta will continue to squeeze as much out of his squad next season as he can and, if Aubameyang stays and continues to score goals aplenty, winning back a Champions League berth – and perhaps a domestic cup again – certainly isn’t out of the question.