* boilk *

Yesterday was a lovely day in Dublin. The sun was out and it shone all afternoon and evening. It was warm. There was not a cloud in the sky.

对于那些留下任何疑问;对于那些谁谁没有看到足够的证据北极被火烧到,气候变化是真实的 - 都柏林快球应该是所有你需要知道意识到地球正在发生巨大的变化weatheriffic,这一切都我们的错。

机会是你的孩子 - 这取决于你的年龄 - 或孙子女,将不得不住在像摩尔人洞穴,戳他们的头出来偶尔饲料为生,但需要穿的衣服,以保护他们免受太阳是的光芒遗嘱在几秒钟内从起泡机构剥去皮肤。随着时间的推移,他们将学会在晚上出去,但人是人,这将需要一段时间才能认识到夜间生活是为了避免烫伤的最佳途径。

I just looked up whether moles were nocturnal or not, and it seems they aren’t. But they do live underground, moling around like little moley bastards, digging tunnels like Steve McQueen. I checked a list of nocturnal animals. They include:

  • 刺猬
  • 蜜獾
  • 眼镜熊 - 已经处于劣势,因为他们需要眼镜
  • 懒猴 - 已经是一个缺点,因为他们玩热刺
  • 西部毛狐猴



1– Northern Transcendental Lemur
2– Eastern Machine-Washable Lemur
3– Southern Fragrant Lemur
4- 西北不含糊狐猴
- 魔鬼的死亡金属狐猴
6– Steve

In my research this morning, I learned a new word:黄昏的. It may sound like something the Simpsons writers made up, but it is a perfectly cromulent word which refers to animals who are primarily active during twilight. This is so madly specific it has made my head hurt.



People who dwell places will do things like look at a footballer’s career with all the statistical information we have available to us now and say ‘Well, actually, this brilliant player you enjoyed watching for his entire career at your favourite club wasn’t that good. In fact, when you look at his XpALiDoCiouS, he was essentially no better than Carlton Palmer.’

If you ever meet someone like that in a bar, whenever we’re allowed back in bars again which we’re not really in Ireland except if you have a meal worth more than €9 because that apparently gives you immunity from the C-Diddy, I would say you have a number of options:

1– Walk away

2 - 让他们扔出去,如果你和酒吧的工作人员就足够好的条件

3 - 玻璃他们像贝格比猜火车

All of those are available to you because even if you went before a judge he would listen to the evidence and say ‘This person was trying to apply modern statistical analysis to a player who anyone with eyes could see was genuinely more than numbers on a pie-chart and whose performance has to be evaluated in the context of the era in which they played. I throw this case out like dirty swamp water, and in fact I sentence them to dwell in prison for the next three years so they can have a good long think about their lives and what it is they’re inflicting upon the human race’.