在Mikel Arteta只有两次相对较短的任期我们赢得了四场比赛。有一个锁定的游戏序列(包括一个FA杯游戏),这次电流运行我们正在打开(也包括一个FA Cup游戏)。今天,对阵水晶宫,我们将希望首次赢得三个小跑。

谈到球队时,很难超越开始的那个4-0赢得西溴兄弟. Palace won’t be coming to play open, expansive football. They’ll look to be solid at the back, then use the pace of Wilfried Zaha etc to hit us on the break. I think they’re far more capable from an attacking perspective than Sam Allardyce’s team, but it’s an interesting prospect for us to face again.

One of our constant struggles this season was the difficulty we had against defensive/’low block’ teams, but in the last couple of weeks we’ve certainly improved. There was a lot to like about what we did at West Brom, and how we did it. It’s not that they suddenly decided to be cavalier, we carved them open, and that’s obviously very encouraging.

None of the players handed a chance to impress in the FA Cup against Newcastle did sufficiently well to force their way into contention to start tonight’s game. I thought there were some encouraging signs from Nicolas Pepe, but not enough to oust Bukayo Saka from the right hand side. The introduction of Emile Smith Rowe paid dividends, and the 20 year old’s growing importance means he’ll be important later on. I think we’ll see Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang shift back to left-hand side with Alexandre Lacazette, now enjoying having players to combine with, in the centre-forward position.

在后面,Rob Holding和Pablo Mari已经形成了一个很好的伙伴关系,arteta说,“我们发现了一个给我们清洁床单的合作伙伴,有时候会这样做很难改变。”



I think he’s got a different presence. I think he brings something different to the team, it’s not just about his talent, his physicality, it’s who he is as a person. He makes players around him better and that’s a big, big quality.



The only question now is how his return is managed. Do we start him tonight, plan give him 60 minutes or and see how he gets on? Maybe we give him half an hour towards the end of the game, get some minutes into his legs, and then look to start him on Monday against Newcastle. Thankfully, it seems clear that we’re being sensible with his reintroduction having taken too big a risk by rushing him back for the derby, a decision which unquestionably cost us points.

正如我所说,有很多足球才能发挥,并且在纽卡斯尔比赛之后的时间表和反对派变得更具挑战性,所以让他迅速为本赛季的那个部分非常重要。My gut feeling says he’ll start on the bench tonight, and if he does the fact we can call on him, Gabriel Martinelli (back in full training already) and Nicolas Pepe, shows there’s some strength and depth there if we need to change a game.


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