In my view, Arsenal have under delivered compared to the talent available to them this season- which is not to say that I think this is an absolutely stellar cast of players but I think they are better than the 10th place arse groove they have carved out for themselves in the Premier League table. I would just urge anyone to revisit their pre-season predictions and I doubt many Arsenal fans would have predicted midtable anonymity in the afterglow of August’s FA Cup victory.

它是一个超现实的季节,阿森纳目前占据了冠军联赛的优越机会,而不是下赛季的欧洲联赛。我认为评估Arteta的任期比联盟表所表明更难以评估 - 可能总是有一个需要迈向前往前进的阿森纳感。

我必须承认我不认为这将是这将是一个远方的一步 - 问题是你是否认为Arteta可以向俱乐部前进,大大。自圣诞节以来,当我们谈论在圣诞节前送达的“改进”时,我们已经有变形的改善迹象,我们正在将酒吧设置在Tripwire高度。


真的,阿森纳经理目前工作的绝对关键是处理队伍的必修重建。上周,我只是详细经理和技术总监有多少工作. 从行政层面上看,阿森纳很年轻(这不一定是批评)。



阿森纳今年夏天必须对球员作出许多大决定,并在沮丧的市场中吹嘘其他人。edu和arteta为这一点采取的一些决定让我紧张。首先,奖励Pierre Emerick Aubameyang的决定是一个巨大的新合同,但是当涉及为他的优势扮演的团队来说,这么勉强地表现得如此不情愿。

面对它,决定不更新像Aubameyang这样的人的条款是一个大,可怕的决定 - 以前的行政当前躲避时间,将俱乐部放入到恐怖海峡队建筑方面。决定将大笔资金倒入29岁的Aubameyang,Mkhiticalan和Özil,在一对不能一起玩的一把罢工者上花费100万英镑,同时还拒绝兑现Sanchez和Ramsey将阿森纳兑换成财政和足球logjam。

However, a decision on a player like Aubameyang is actually a really clear and obvious one. Once you start discussing salaries of that size, the objective ought to be very clear. In salary terms, that is “we will build this whole team around you” money. If you do not think the player is worthy of that status, you do not put the money down. You don’t make a 31-year old your highest paid player and then ask him to play various roles in various systems, some of which play to his strengths more than others.



Willian started the season almost exclusively on the right flank. Having witnessed the damage of purchasing a pair of expensive strikers who cannot play in the same team, Arsenal elected to make exactly the same error by signing Willian up when they already had record signing Nicolas Pepe in the same position. That’s four of Arsenal’s highest paid players playing in two positions, more or less.



当守门员教练知道他的电话号码时,当你看着rúnarrúnarsson的匆忙签约时,电荷表会变大。人们也不能失去担心威廉·萨尔比亚。然后有Eddie Nkeiah,当他在欧洲联赛集团阶段为俱乐部完成顶级分光器时,冬天的价值很好。

We are told there was interest from clubs in January before Arteta insisted the player, who has 18 months on his deal, was absolutely not for sale. He has not kicked a ball in anger for the first team ever since. This is a startlingly poor decision and now the player is losing value ahead of a likely summer sale having added nothing to the team in the meantime.

It is even more concerning that Edu did not push back on the manager’s faulty logic in this scenario. That suggests a reluctance to provide healthy challenge on his part. Admittedly, I don’t have all of the details there, so there may be something I am missing. I also realise I am being pithy and only highlighting the bad examples, there has been good work too (getting Ødegaard on loan, for example. Gabriel and Mari are good additions and offer a good analogue to one another).

However, Aubameyang, Willian, Mustafi, Nketiah and Rúnarsson is quite the charge sheet for eight months’ worth of work. There are caveats of course, with covid impacting the market and a to do list for Edu and Arteta longer than a Leonard Cohen song. However, neither of those factors are disappearing this summer and, frankly, both parties are going to have to demonstrate that they are quick learners because this squad rebuild will determine Arsenal’s medium-term future. Scared yet?

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